When growing or maintaining a bonsai, the choice of the pot used is always important. All the different types of bonsai pots online are designed to cater to the unique requirements of every bonsai and each household.

Complete range of bonsai pots online

Types of bonsai plants online

Used for trees grown in a pot on a miniature scale, the type of bonsai pot used becomes all the more important. In fact, bonsai pots come in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. By knowing about all the different types of bonsai pots you can decide which one do you wish to place your next new houseplant in.

How to make bonsai pots that nourish

Types of bonsai pots online

Bonsai is an art, and therefore the pot used for the bonsai plant is the canvas. As this canvas, the bonsai pot needs to provide the perfect environment for the plant to grow and flourish within it. Our bonsai pots are made to ensure that the pot offers the plant perfect growing conditions for the healthiest and best possible growth of the plant.

By trusting our well-crafted bonsai pots, you also save yourself the trouble of getting a new houseplant and then having to re-pot it for proper placement. Our pre-potted plants can be brought indoors or placed outdoors immediately and conveniently, as per the care points of the plant.

What makes our bonsai pots so special?

Our bonsai pots used for growing these plants have a number of salient features that aid in the better and happier growth of your bonsai plants and trees. Truly, we know how to make pots that can nurture the best plant growth.

  • Easy drainage: Excess water drains out on its own, with a convenient collection system. This makes overwatering hardly ever an issue.
  • The right material: The materials used in making our bonsai pots are brought up from the earth itself too, further enhancing the nourishing nature of the pot.
  • Beautiful appearance: Our bonsai pots are made to match with the bonsai they are meant to be used for. In this manner, the pot matches and complements the appearance of your plant, making a complete home decor set together.
  • Strong and resistant: Our pots have a sturdy and strong structure that can withstand the forces of nature to protect your bonsai plant. Moreover, the material does not corrode or wither with time.

Types of bonsai pots online to choose from

Depending on your plant size and type, the exact type of your plant will vary. Some plants look better in a ceramic pot, while some can even grow beautifully in a glass pot. By knowing about your plant, you can decide on the best bonsai pot for it, from the following different types of bonsai pots.

#1 Plastic bonsai pot

Plastic bonsai pot

Plastic pots are commonly used in bonsai work, as they are cheap and durable. Therefore, not only are the beautiful variants of plastic pots used in placement, but they also find uses when repotting bonsai trees.

#2 Ceramic bonsai pot (porcelain bonsai pot)

Ceramic bonsai pot

Ceramic pots are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are made of porcelain and come in several options for design and color. Using these ceramic pots you can make your bonsai plant match the aesthetics of your indoor or outdoor spaces the way you want. Luckily, it is common to find several beautiful ceramic bonsai pots for sale in India.

#3 Glazed ceramic bonsai pot

Glazed ceramic bonsai pot

Ceramic pots look extra fabulous when glazed. These glazed ceramic bonsai pots look the best when used for plants with glossy or lustrous leaves.

#4 Clay bonsai pot

Clay bonsai pot

Clay pots reflects Japanese and Chinese aesthetics and are widely loved in India too. They are available in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes for all types of bonsai plants.

For additional decoration, a clay pot can make use of glazing and hand-carving.

#5 Glass bonsai pot

Glass bonsai pot

These glass pots can be filled with water to grow some bonsai plants like the lucky bamboo bonsai in a graceful and elegant manner.

#6 Concrete bonsai pot

Concrete bonsai pot

Concrete pots are extremely solid and fit for outdoor tree structures grown as a bonsai. The pot will be able to maintain and sustain any outdoor tree structure as a bonsai for several years. The pot offers a natural aesthetic that will blend easily into your gardens or porch.

#7 Metal bonsai pot

Metal bonsai pot

Metal bonsai pots can offer a powerful indoor transformation along the lines of modern and elegant aesthetics. These pots are ideal for small-sized low-maintenance indoor plants such as the lucky layered bamboo bonsai.

#8 Wooden bonsai pot

Wooden bonsai pot

Wooden aesthetics often go well with woody and leafy plants. By choosing a wood bonsai pot, you choose the comforting vibes of the elegant and beautiful wood bonsai pot. Indoor spaces are the ideal locations for wooden bonsai pots.

#9 Stone bonsai pot

Stone bonsai pot

Stone bonsai pots are fit for outdoor plants that don’t need to be moved around much. After placing the plant in this pot, the stone pot offers beautiful aesthetics that will add to the beauty and serenity in your gardens or balconies. 

#10 Mica bonsai pot

Mica bonsai pot

Mica pots are excellent as starter pots, as they do not break even if dropped. They are also frost-proof making the plant inside the pot easier to maintain.

Choosing the right pot size for your plant

The general rule of thumb for the correct size of bonsai pots is:

  • Rectangular or oval pots should be 2/3rds of the height of the plant.
  • Square or rounded pots should be 1/3rd of the plant’s height.
  • For plants with thicker trunks, the pot needs to be of greater depth.

Bonsai PRO-tip: When repotting your bonsai tree, it is important to know that if you increase the pot size the plant will slowly grow in size. Therefore, smaller pots can be used to restrict the plant’s size if you wish to maintain a compact structure indoors. Some plants will retain their size regardless of the pot size.

Get our hand-crafted bonsai pots for sale in India

No matter what type or size of bonsai pot you buy from us, our pots are made with the best of practices to ensure a solid structure and a nourishing environment for your bonsai plants. You can find these feature-loaded, safe and beautiful bonsai pots for sale in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and all other cities across India.

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