A combination of Flowering Bonsai Plant and Indoor Bonsai Plant is rare. Check out this amazing collection of top 10 bonsai flowering plants in 2022 that will light up your home.

Flowers are considered one of the best and most loved forms of natural beauty. Gone are the days of settling for artificial flowers if you are looking to beautify your home with their lovely and colorful aesthetics. With bonsai flowering plants you can enjoy the beautiful and realistic appearance of indoor and outdoor plants with ease. When you buy flowering bonsai plants online, you bring many colors of cheerfulness into your home.

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Buy bonsai flowering plants online in India
Colorful and flowering bonsai plants for decorating your home

Even a single bonsai flower tree not only makes your home green. This is because the plant truly blossoms with fresh and joyful life in the form of the rich colors of bonsai flowers. But bonsai flower plants have several other benefits when grown as houseplants.

  • Flowers of various shapes: The flowers borne by your bonsai flower tree can be round, bell-shaped or even trumpet-like. So you can choose the look you want to go for by considering different types of bonsai plants that bloom with flowers. flowers grow in heartwarming colors of red, yellow, pink, purple, etc.  
  • Flowers of vivid and attractive colors: The plants display a pleasing contrast of vibrant flowers with their green foliage to instantly elevate the visual interest of any space. In fact, bonsai flowering trees can blossom with flowers of colors ranging from red and pink to yellow, purple and white.
  • Create colorful landscapes outdoors and indoors: Bonsai flowering trees can be grown both outdoors and indoors, depending on the selection of the plant. No matter where you buy a bonsai flower tree, the plant will create charming aesthetics with lovely vibes spreading in your home.
  • Other visual elements of the plant: The plant often has other features throughout its different parts such as leaves, fruits and various other forms that only add to the beauty of real and live flowers. For example, bonsai flowering plants with large and dark-green leaves can create a stunning visual contrast of natural colors in your home.

Bonsai flower plants are low-maintainence plants

It can be difficult to even grow flowering trees outdoors in their natural form. However, bonsai flower plants allow you to enjoy the vibrant and colorful aesthetics of nature’s most exotic and gorgeous flowering trees in your gardens, porch, or even as an indoor bonsai tree beautifying your interiors.

These plants are easier to maintain than the original trees, as they have been trained and shaped well by experts in bonsai-making. Therefore, bonsai flowering plants offer you the vibrance of natural and real flowers without any hassle, so you can focus on loving and cherishing your houseplant.

Colorful bonsai flowering plants for indoors

By buying an indoor bonsai flower tree, you can bring the live and natural beauty of various types of flowers of varying colors, shapes and styles inside your home. These flowers will be a sight to adore for not just you but guests and passers-by as well, as the pride of your home.

#1- Azalea bonsai tree (Rhododendron plant)

Beautiful Azalea Bonsai Flowering Plants
Charming and pleasing Rhododendron flowers on an Azalea bonsai
  • Placement: Shaded spots such as indoor spaces
  • Time of flowering: Around May-June
  • Price range: ₹₹₹
  • Maintenance: Azalea is a low-maintenance houseplant that grows flawlessly with basic caring.

This is a renowned bonsai flower tree that produces lovely pink flowers around May-June, thus boosting the aesthetics of your home with stunning and natural visuals. The Azalea bonsai tree grows as a living symbol of femininity and love in your home. It is a compact indoor bonsai plant whose foliage gets beautifully draped by Rhododendron flowers.

Beautify your home with gorgeous and scented Azalea flowers: Rhododendron flowers are tubular or bell-shaped flowers of pink color. Therefore, the Azalea bonsai tree can transform your interiors with its gorgeous flowers. Carrying a sweet fragrance in them and grow in clusters, covering the entire foliage of the plant. 

Shape your Azalea flowering bonsai plant into any desired shape: The Azalea bonsai or Rhododendron plant easily tolerates heavy pruning and wiring. Thus, the plant can be pruned and shaped in any desired manner. The broom-style shape of the Azalea flowering bonsai is well-loved and makes a great aesthetic addition indoors.

#2- Wisteria bonsai tree

Beautiful Wisteria Bonsai Flowering Plants
Wisteria bonsai tree in full bloom
  • Placement: Window-sill or balcony, protected from the scorching and burning sun
  • Time of flowering: During spring
  • Price range: ₹
  • Maintenance: It is easy to care for and takes daily watering and correct pruning to flourish healthily.  

Native to China and Japan, the Wisteria flowering bonsai is widely popular for its beautiful hanging clusters of blue to whitish flowers. The plant instantly elevates the aesthetics of your indoor spaces with its elegant appearance. The Wisteria flowering bonsai has a long life inside your home as an indoor bonsai tree, thus symbolizing the immortality of peace and joy in your home.

Create cascading walls of blue flowers in your home: The Wisteria flowers have a beautiful cascading appearance. This means that the flowers droop down from the branches, thus forming a lovely and attractive curtain-like semblance of blue color. The plant also has a thick brown trunk which complements the attractive look of these flowers.

Allow nature to transcend indoors with the Wisteria flowers bonsai plant: The plant is also highly demanded for its thick and mature-looking deadwood bark of brown color. Moreover, its seed pods attract small birds to your balconies every morning, thus creating a mesmerizing and lovely experience indoors.

#3- Fuchsia bonsai tree

Beautiful Fuchsia Bonsai Flowering Plants
Fuchsia flower bonsai for your home
  • Placement: Indoors, with bright but indirect sunlight
  • Time of flowering: After the growing season
  • Price range: ₹₹₹
  • Maintenance: These plants do not require much of your attention. In fact, the plant does great with just daily watering and can be pruned at any time of the year.

As a hard-to-kill bonsai tree for indoors, this is a shrubby plant whose vibrant pink flowers droop down from the plant beautifully. The plant is a symbol of love and is popular as a gifting option for loved ones symbolizing your trust in them.

Spread vibrance indoors with attractive Fuchsia flowers: The flowers of the Fuchsia bonsai tree are bright pink in color and have a charming, bell-shaped appearance. These flowers look really adorable as they hang down from the slender branches of the plant

Grow this climber plant however you desire: The Fuchsia bonsai tree is a climber plant and can easily be grown in overhanging pots. When the plant flowers with its beautiful pink blossoms, it can create enchanting aesthetics in your interiors in several ways, such as across walls and hallways.

#4- Carmona bonsai tree (Fukien Tea tree)

Beautiful Carmona Bonsai Flowering Plants
Carmona flower bonsai for adding an elegant touch indoors
  • Placement: Indoors, with bright but indirect sunlight
  • Time of flowering: After the growing season
  • Price range: ₹₹₹
  • Maintenance: These plants do not require much of your attention. In fact, the plant does great with just daily watering and can be pruned at any time of the year.

Bring elegance with lovely and snowy Carmona blossom: The flowers on the Fukien Tea Tree bonsai are white in color and snowy in appearance. Therefore, they create lovely and charming vibes indoors, that instantly beautify the room that it is placed in an elegant fashion.

Watch the glazed leaves spread a joyous shine in your home: The leaves of the Carmona bonsai tree are glazed in appearance. Therefore, they appear shiny or lustrous. This complements the lovely look of the plant’s snowy blossoms, thus creating a beautiful combined natural aesthetic in your office or living space.

#5- Camellia bonsai tree

Beautiful Camellia Bonsai Flowering Plants
Camellia flowering bonsai tree in full bloom
  • Placement: Indoors, with bright but indirect sunlight
  • Time of flowering: Late winter
  • Price range: ₹
  • Maintenance: Regular care needed

The Camellia flowering bonsai is a popular houseplant with all-round beautiful looks. It has a lovely bark of beautiful beige color. When the plant uniquely blooms in late winter, its flowers will spread further cheerful vibes that feel lively with the beautiful red-colored Camellia flowers.

Surprise everyone with the unique-looking Camellia flowers: The Camellia bonsai tree flowers every year during late winter. These blossoms are luscious in appearance with a lovely feel. The Camellia flowers are of a pale and vibrant red color, which creates stunning visuals inside your home when the plant blooms in late winter. The unusual time of blooming of the Camellia flowering bonsai gives a lively natural feel when all other forms of nature appear dull or sober during the late winter season. It is thus a beautiful houseplant that will stand out inside your home thanks to its beauty.

Enhance the beauty of flowers with the plant’s all-round appearance” The plant has leaves with a glazed appearance and a bark of a light beige color. This creates a beautiful aesthetic in itself besides the lovely and luscious flowers of pinkish-red color.

#6- Cotoneaster bonsai tree

Beautiful Cotoneaster Bonsai Flowering Plants
Cotoneaster bonsai for vibrant flowers and berries in your home
  • Placement: Indoors, with bright but indirect sunlight
  • Time of flowering: Growing season before berries form
  • Price range: ₹₹
  • Maintenance: Regular care needed

As one of the most popular bonsai flowering plants, the Cotoneaster bonsai offers all-round enchanting aesthetics. It not only has lovely and joyful blossoms but also bears beautiful red berries and has leaves with a shiny or lustrous texture. In fact, the Cotoneaster bonsai tree is one of the most popular and loved indoor bonsai options.

Enchant everyone with tiny and snowy blossoms: Cotoneaster blossoms offer really enchanting aesthetics because they are tiny with a white and snowy appearance. These flowers easily bring joyous and soothing vibes in the indoor spaces, making the Cotoneaster bonsai tree one of the most popular indoor bonsai trees for sale.

Use the Cotonesaeaster bonsai tree for Japanese vibes in your home: The Cotoneaster bonsai tree is popularly used in traditional Japanese celebrations. This is not only thanks to flowers produced by the plant but also its red-colored, beautiful and round berries and glossy leaves. The plant thus displays beautiful and natural hues that will create joyous vibes inside your home.

Outdoor bonsai flower plants for gardens and porch

Bonsai flowering plants go great as outdoor plants, as the beautiful colors of their flowers add a unique and captivating touch to your gardens or even porch and patios. They also attract various butterflies and birds to your garden, creating a lovely and enjoyable vibe of nature being brought to life.

#7- Desert Rose bonsai tree (Adenium bonsai)

Beautiful Adenium Bonsai Flowering Plants
Desert Rose or Adenium flower bonsai plant
  • Placement: Outdoors or beside a sun-facing window
  • Time of flowering: Throughout the year
  • Price range: ₹₹
  • Maintenance: Sturdy houseplant that needs minimal attention

The Desert Rose or Adenium bonsai tree is a tropical plant with attractive pinkish-white flowers of medium size. Therefore, it is an endearing houseplant that symbolizes abundance and fertility in your home. The plant also has a bulbous base that gives it a remarkable and eye-striking aesthetic.

Get year-round flowers with the Adenium flower bonsai tree: Adenium flowers bloom throughout the year, making it well-loved as a bonsai flower tree. In fact, the Adenium bonsai tree is one of the most popular bonsai flower plants bought as a houseplant in India.

Enhance visual appeal with the plant’s beautiful succulent appearance: As its name suggests, the Desert Rose bonsai tree is a succulent houseplant. As a result, it has a bulbous base with roots that look stunning in your gardens, porch or balcony spaces. In fact, the Adenium bonsai flowering plants can be used to create the most exotic-looking colorful landscapes in your lawns and gardens to leave everyone spellbound.

#8- Cherry Blossom bonsai tree

Beautiful Cherry Blossom Bonsai Flowering Plants
Cheerful looks of a Cheery Blossom bonsai in bloom
  • Placement: Semi-shaded outdoors such as porch and balcony spaces are ideal
  • Time of flowering: During spring
  • Price range: ₹₹
  • Maintenance: Easy to maintain

This plant is known for its white and pink blossoms that replace the foliage completely during spring. In fact, the Cherry Blossom flowers are highly sought after for their warm and delicate colors.

Get this stunning visual centerpiece in your gardens: The flowers of the Cherry Blossom bonsai tree are fluffy in appearance, and colored white and pink. When they blossom during spring, the flowers take over the crown of the plant, making it a highly ornamental article in your garden.  

Savor the plant’s cherries after every flowering season: The flowers later transform into sweet and edible cherries every year, which add to the value of your Cherry Blossom bonsai tree as a houseplant. Since it is both a flowering bonsai tree and a fruit-bearing bonsai tree, the plant offers truly joyful and cheering vibes to your home.

#9- Bougainvillea bonsai tree

Beautiful Bougainvillea Bonsai Flowering Plants
Bougainvillea bonsai, one of the best flowering bonsai plants
  • Placement: Outdoors in bright sunlight
  • Time of flowering: From summer to autumn
  • Price range: ₹₹
  • Maintenance: Beginner-friendly plant that is resilient and easy to maintain

With its captivating and long-lasting flowers, the Bougainvillea bonsai tree brings peace and beauty to your home. As a bonus, it is a beginner-friendly bonsai tree for outdoors.

Color your home and lives with the luscious Bougainvillea flowers: The flowers of this plant are beautiful and small in size. When the plant blossoms, these flowers will wrap the plant’s entire foliage completely when the plant blossoms from summer to autumn. The eye-striking and long-lasting nature of Bougainvillea flowers makes the plant a great aesthetic addition to your home.

Get the plant for gorgeous aesthetics that are easy to maintain: The Bougainvillea bonsai tree truly offers one of the most gorgeous aesthetics. When the plant flowers, it can transform your gardens, porch and other outdoor spaces completely as the plant appears covered with nothing but flowers. It is suggested to read more about Bougainvillea bonsai flowering plants can be used to create unique and awe-inspiring aesthetics in your home before you actually get this plant. Since these gorgeous aesthetics come with ease of maintenance, the plant is well-loved by both bonsai beginners and experts alike.

#10- Hibiscus bonsai tree

Beautiful Hibiscus Bonsai Flowering Plants
  • Placement: Outdoors in bright sunlight, ideal for gardens
  • Time of flowering
  • Price range: ₹₹₹
  • Maintenance: Easy but regular maintenance

The Hibiscus plant is one of the most popular and well-loved bonsai trees for outdoor spaces like your gardens. The plant has large and delicate flowers of pink color, with a long stalk that attracts butterflies to your garden with a sweet scent. The plant also has large leaves which complement the gorgeous looks of the plant.

Create a visual impact with the large and attractive Hibiscus flowers: The flowers of this plant are beautiful and small in size. When the plant blossoms, these flowers will wrap the plant’s entire foliage completely when the plant blossoms from summer to autumn. The eye-striking and long-lasting nature of Bougainvillea flowers makes the plant a great aesthetic addition to your home.

Enhance all-visual visual appeal with plant aesthetics: The Hibiscus bonsai plant has large leaves that match in appearance with the gorgeous look of its flowers. Even in color, the rich and dark-green leaves make a stunning visual contrast with the large-sized and beautifully hued Hibiscus flowers.

Enjoy living and pre-potted flowers come to your doorstep

When you buy bonsai plants online, you can get the healthiest and most beautiful of bonsai flowering plants delivered with care and safety to your doorstep. You.r plant will be expert-trained and pre-potted, ready to bring into your indoor, semi-indoor or outdoor spaces so you can enjoy its beautiful looks and stunning flowerings growing naturally with immediate effect. Our bonsi lowering plants bloom ad most with the minimal amount of effort required and in the most gorgeous and attractive manners.

Frequently Asked Questions about bonsai flowering plants

Will my bonsai flower plants need additional care than regular bonsai plants?

No, a bonsai flower tree requires the same plant care as regular bonsai plants. Proper placement and watering are needed, along with pruning and fertilization as other plant needs. In return, these plants will beautify your indoor or outdoor spaces with the vibrant hues and gorgeous aesthetics of these flowers

How long do bonsai flowering plants live?

If taken good care of, these plants can live up to 100 years in your home. Most bonsai flower plants are hardy and require only basic caring and attention in order to thrive and flourish in your home for years to come.

What is the best time to prune a bonsai flower tree?

The correct timing of pruning the flowering bonsai plants is right after the blossom. Blossoms cover up the foliage and hinder them to receive light, making it necessary to prune your flowering bonsai plant so that it can thrive healthily in minimum resources.

Do bonsai flowering plants require fertilization?

Yes, in fact, these plants often require intensive fertilization so that they can give the best bloom. An ordinary bonsai fertilizer with lower nitrogen content would be the most advantageous fertilizer for bonsai flower plants.