There are too many bonsai nurseries near Noida but finding one that offers you the quality plants, unique bonsai and after-sale support can be difficult. Let’s explore them.

Top plants from a bonsai nursery near Noida

Let’s take a look at the best bonsai plants near you in Noida. You can place the order today and get the delivery tomorrow. It’s fast.

(27) 1,599   Ships Tomorrow
(10) 3,200   Ships Tomorrow
(23) 1,525   Ships Tomorrow
(21) 1,599   Ships Tomorrow

Indoor Bonsai Trees

Jade Bonsai Tree

(18) 1,500   Ships Tomorrow
(19) 1,499   Ships Tomorrow
(19) 2,599   Ships Tomorrow
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Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Peepal Tree Bonsai

(18) 6,300   Ships Tomorrow

Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree

(18) 1,599   Ships Tomorrow
Out of stock
(19) 1,499   Ships Tomorrow
(17) 1,199   Ships Tomorrow
(10) 1,299   Ships Tomorrow

Top 10 Bonsai Nursery in Noida

Noida is full of plant nurseries if you look around your area. In central Noida, you won’t find many nurseries that sell bonsai plants & trees. That’s because the best nurseries are on Yamuna Expressway and Greater Noida Expressway.

Bring your indoor or outdoor spaces to life by getting one of our long-lasting bonsai trees delivered to your home. Our plants will arrive from a bonsai nursery near Noida where they are trained by experts to grow beautifully in your home.

List of Bonsai Nursery in Noida

  • Abana Homes: Noida Extension, Greater Noida. You can check all the beautiful plants online and order them from home. The bonsai plants will be delivered to you the next day.
  • Bonsai Plants Online: We’re located in Greater Noida. B-252, Sector 2, Greater Noida. Check out our bonsai store in Noida.
  • The Bonsai Plants: Rajat Vihar, Sector 56, Noida. You can find a limited collection of bonsai plants here. But since their website isn’t functional, you may have to visit them.
  • Grow Green Bonsai: You can find some common bonsai plants like Ficus, etc.
  • Anil Nursery: You can find all the local bonsai plants here.

List of other plant nurseries in Noida

  • Garden Glory India: Specializes in air-purifying plants, bamboo plants and flowering plants.
  • Kushwaha Nursery: Sector 43, Noida. Sells all plants but specializes in fruit and flower plants.
  • Green Nursery: Sector 18, Noida. Specializes in fertilizer, manure and pots besides plants
  • Krishna Nursery: Sector 94, Noida. Specializes in types of flowering plants.
  • Saurav Nursery: Specializes in landscaping, hardscaping and artificial gardens besides selling plants

How to choose your bonsai plants in Noida

To help you decide on a plant to buy, we ask 3 simple questions. Ask yourself these 3 questions and you will come up with the best bonsai tree for your home in Noida.

  1. Do you want to indulge in plant care? If not, our bonsai for beginners will be ideal choices for you.
  2. Where do you want to place your plant? Choose your bonsai plants based on where you want to keep them. For example, you can buy small and compact plants to easily keep and maintain indoors in Noida, or even in your balconies.
  3. What kind of plant do you want? Ficus is a leafy, tropical plant suitable for beginners that grows well in Noida weather. If you want a more unique and exotic-looking plant, you can consider options such as Jade plant bonsai.

Whether you buy tropical plants like Ficus or exotic-looking bonsai trees such as Jade or Chinese Elm, we have the healthiest plants in our bonsai nursery near Noida.

If you’ve decided to buy bonsai plants, let’s take a look at the top 10 recommended bonsai plants in Noida and why you should buy them.

  1. Ficus Bonsai Tree: This bonsai tree is a great choice for Indoors. It is a low-maintenance and beautiful-looking bonsai. You can place it in the living room as well as the balcony as it is a low-light tolerant bonsai plant.
  2. Carmona Bonsai Tree: Carmona is a flowering bonsai that can be grown indoors. The plant blossoms with lovely, snowy-looking blossoms of white color with great ease.
  3. Banyan Bonsai Tree: This expensive variety of Ficus bonsai is considered spiritual and even sacred in many cultures of India and throughout the world. This is a home-grown bonsai with a dense, beautiful, and leafy structure.
  4. Chinese Elm Bonsai: This is a great plant for beginners who wish to enjoy houseplants with a more robust and tree-like structure.
  5. Pachira Bonsai Tree: Pachina is more popularly known as the Money plant. This plant looks really classy indoors but is also a famous bringer of wealth and fortune.
  6. Ficus Retusa Bonsai: It is a highly exotic-looking variety of Ficus, with bulbous roots that give it a unique, “pot-bellied” appearance.
  7. Japanese Maple: This bonsai tree is a great choice for a unique and colorful houseplant. Being a deciduous plant the Japanese Maple will change the hues on its leaves from green to red then back to green throughout the year.
  8. Bougainvillea Bonsai: This beautiful bonsai outdoors produces stunning flowers of purple or pink color. It is one of the most gorgeous plants useful for home garden decoration in Noida.
  9. Adenium Bonsai: Adenium bonsai is more famous as the Desert Rose. It is a succulent plant, so it doesn’t need much watering. But it produces colorful and attractive flowers in your garden.
  10. Cherry Bonsai: As the name suggests, it produces cherries besides beautifully hued leaves and a robust tree structure indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions about bonsai nurseries near Noida

Where can I find the best bonsai nursery near Noida?

Most of the GOOD bonsai nurseries are located on Yamuna Expressway. But if you want to buy these bonsai plants from the comfort of your home, you can browse through our vast collection of bonsai plants online. In this way, you can buy bonsai plants for sale in Noida at the best price.

How can I buy healthy bonsai plants in Noida?

It is really easy to buy long-lasting bonsai plants in Noida even from the comfort of your home. Browse through our beautiful bonsai plants online and get your plant delivered at your doorstep the next day.

Which bonsai plants are good indoors?

While bonsai trees are low-maintenance plants, there are some varieties meant to thrive indoors. These include the Carmona flowering bonsai, the charming Cherry blossom bonsai and some varieties of the lush-green Ficus bonsai. Browse through all indoor bonsai plants for sale and take your pick.