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Bonsai Ficus Benjamina: How To Grow And Care


Are you also fascinated by the aerial roots of bonsai ficus Benjamina? It is recognized not only due to its physical features but also its low maintenance.  Being an ideal pick for both new and experienced plant parents, it wins over everyone. Look no further if you plan on growing a Benjamina ficus bonsai tree.  […]

Bonsai Lemon Tree: How to Grow and Care


Bonsai, by definition, is an ancient Japanese plant art technique that takes normal tree seedlings and turns them into miniature art pieces of nature. The growing of a bonsai is a work of art and is only achieved by constantly bending, holding down, and cutting the branches.  In this art of growing miniatures, lemon may […]

Bonsai Fruit Tree: How to Grow and Care for One


Decorating your house is an age-old concept. The concept is old but the way one decorates their house has been ever-changing. Something that is in trend these days is decorating your house with plants, more specifically bonsai.  But how do you care for one or grow one? These delicate beauties need care and attention which […]