It is easy to buy healthy bonsai plants online, as the plants get hand-delivered to your doorstep with the utmost care. You can thus enjoy the numerous benefits of any exotic or rare tree as a pre-potted bonsai plant for your indoors, gardens or shaded porch. However, it is always important to perform a bonsai tree price check before buying your bonsai plants online. By doing so, you can get the healthiest and most beautiful houseplant at the best price.

(10) 3,200   Ships Tomorrow

Indoor Bonsai Trees

Jade Bonsai Tree

(18) 1,500   Ships Tomorrow
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(19) 2,599   Ships Tomorrow
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Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Dwarf Red Maple Bonsai Tree

(18) 1,699   Ships Tomorrow
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Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Peepal Tree Bonsai

(18) 6,300   Ships Tomorrow

Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree

(18) 1,599   Ships Tomorrow
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(18) 499   Ships Tomorrow
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Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Juniper Bonsai Tree

(18) 999   Ships Tomorrow
(12) 4,500   Ships Tomorrow
(26) 1,900   Ships Tomorrow

Buying your bonsai plants at the best price

You can get a bonsai plant for your home from anywhere starting at a few hundreds of rupees to lacs of rupees. In fact, this is good news for bonsai lovers. No matter whether you are looking to enjoy colorful blossoms, spiritual plant values or fresh air and natural aesthetics indoors, you can easily find a suitable bonsai tree for sale in India at the right price.

Why does the bonsai tree price vary so much?

If you have been looking for bonsai plants online then you would know that the bonsai tree cost can vary greatly even for the same plant. This is because the price of the exact bonsai tree you buy will depend not only on the species but various other plant attributes such as age, size and health.

What does your bonsai tree price depend on?

Buy bonsai plants online at the best price

The advantage you get with bonsai plants is that you can choose from different types of bonsai trees in any comfortable price range. Each plant will suit your requirements in different ways, depending on various plant criteria. You can easily find the perfect bonsai plant that matches your taste and fits your requirements by choosing from these plant attributes. In fact, your bonsai tree cost will also eventually come down to these attributes.

  1. Age of the plant: Usually, the older the bonsai plant, the higher will be its price. This is because older bonsai trees are usually sturdier and more established in structure. They will not only offer the best natural aesthetics but will stand out remarkably in your home due to their age. In fact, you can find some special bonsai trees for sale in India that are decades old and priced in lacs of rupees.
  2. Plant species: Your bonsai tree price will also depend on what species you buy. Some plant species are priced higher than others when it comes to bonsai trees. For example, the Mango tree bonsai cost is usually higher thanks to the ripe and juicy fruits it will grant you with.
  3. Health of your plant: Healthier plants will show dense foliage, more flowering and better natural aesthetics overall. Their price will also be higher. In fact, growing and training a bonsai tree can take years of regular and close maintenance. This special care and training for your plant is to make sure it will grow well in your home. Therefore, buying healthier plants at a higher bonsai tree cost is completely worth it. Alternatively, you can also find pre-bonsai trees for sale in India at relatively cheaper prices, which will require more intensive and regular care.
  4. Plant size: Bonsai trees can be grown in different sizes regardless of the plant type or species. This is because the size of your bonsai tree depends on the potting method and the maintenance techniques used in its bonsai training. Usually, buying a larger bonsai plant will cost you higher.
  5. Plant type: As a general trend, indoor bonsai plants are priced higher than their outdoor counterparts. This is because these plants need to be trained with more supervision and care so that they will sustain in the indoor environment while also being easy to maintain indoors.

General bonsai tree price list for reference

Before you buy bonsai plants for your home, here is a general bonsai tree price list and range for the most popular bonsai trees for sale in India.

Indoor- Room lightOutdoor- Shaded porch/balconyOutdoor- Bright sunlight/balcony
Plant namePrice (in INR)Plant namePrice (in INR)Plant namePrice (in INR)
Brush Cherry1,200Blue Braya (Dedmondium)1,200Juniper1,200
Rubber plant1,200Jade plant300-2,000Black Pine1,200-5,000
Japanese Maple1,200-5,000Chinese Elm900-2,600Bougainvillea300-2,000
Grafted Ficus500-3,000Ficus Benjamina900-2,600Banyan6,000
Radermachera900Ficus Retusa900-2,600Peepal6,000
A complete and general reference for your bonsai tree cost

Find your ideal bonsai tree for sale in India at the best price

Buy bonsai plants online at the best price

It is not always the best idea to buy the cheapest bonsai tree. But based on your requirements, you can easily determine an approximate price range for different types of bonsai plants suitable for you. Doing so makes it easier to choose the most suitable plant for you at the best bonsai tree price.

  1. Where do you want to keep the plant? Knowing this will help you narrow down your choices, and look for a plant that fits your needs. You can then establish the approximate bonsai tree price in a more accurate manner.
  2. How good are you at bonsai-keeping? If you are new to growing and maintaining bonsai plants, then buying a pre-trained bonsai tree for sale in India is the best choice. This will greatly lower the risk of you accidentally killing your plant due to negligence of care.
  3. Do you have sufficient time? You will also need to have a sufficient amount of time to care for your bonsai plant indoors or outdoors on a regular basis. If you don’t, then buying a pre-trained and older bonsai tree is the more suggested option. Older plants that have been trained well come at a higher bonsai price.
  4. Do you want a fruit-bearing/flowering bonsai plant? Remember that the price of bonsai tree varieties that bear flowers or fruits is usually higher.
  5. Get the best bonsai price in India: By narrowing down on your needs and looking for the plant that fits your requirements best, you can do the ultimate bonsai plants price check. This will help you find the best bonsai tree price in India. Moreover, you will ensure that your plant matches your taste most suitably.

Pre-bonsai plants for a lower bonsai price in India

Pre-bonsai plants are bonsai trees that have yet not undergone their full training as bonsai plants. Therefore, these plants will be more difficult to maintain but will come at the cheaper price of bonsai.

If you are confident and well-acquainted with various skills and techniques used in bonsai-keeping and bonsai-growing, then pre-bonsai plants can be a good option. They will even provide you with the enriching and immersive experience of growing a bonsai, which is an art in itself.

Pro tip for finding the best bonsai price

Buy bonsai plants online at the best price

You can find several options for different types of bonsai plants online. No matter where you live, you can choose from these healthy and beautiful bonsai trees for sale in India to be delivered to your doorstep. You can rest assured that your plant has been grown in an expert-run plant nursery using the best care practices. In this way, you will be able to get a suitable and long-lasting plant at the best bonsai price. You will also benefit a lot from after-sales support for any plant-related queries when you buy bonsai plants online. All of this will help you enjoy a more joyful bonsai-keeping experience.

FAQs about bonsai tree price

Are bonsai trees expensive to buy?

The cost of bonsai plants can vary from relatively inexpensive to high-costing exquisite houseplants. The older and bigger the bonsai tree you buy, the higher will be the cost of your bonsai tree in general. If you buy bonsai plants online you can not only get your plant at the best bonsai tree cost for its species, but also enjoy other benefits such as safe delivery, gifting, and post-sales support.

Can I get bonsai trees for lower prices?

Some of the bonsai plant species are priced relatively cheaper yet offer a beautiful and enriching experience indoors or outdoors. You can check out a number of such bonsai plants for sale in India and enjoy their natural aesthetics and benefits in your home. Alternatively, you can buy pre-bonsai plants at a cheaper price, that are relatively younger and will need extra maintenance in the first few years

What are the most expensive varieties of bonsai plants?

Fruit-bearing bonsai plants such as Mango and Apple, and other exotic or aromatic bonsai plants usually come at a higher bonsai cost. If your plant is old in age, it will also be priced higher.

What are the cheapest bonsai plants for sale in India?

Popular bonsai plants such as Ficus and succulent plants such as the Jade plant bonsai are relatively cheaper to buy, but offer great aesthetics and values. In fact, some of the most popular and well-loved bonsai trees for sale in India can be bought online at the most affordable prices.

How do I know my original bonsai tree price?

Your original bonsai tree price depends on a number of factors. These include plant age, size, its species and any special features of the plant such as fruits or spiritual values associated with the plant. Older bonsai plants are sturdier and denser resulting in their higher bonsai price. All of these attributes combined together will determine the final bonsai tree cost.

How can I buy bonsai trees at the best price?

You can check for a bonsai tree price list online, which will help you determine the approximate cost of the type of houseplant you are looking for. In fact, buying bonsai plants online is often cheaper. It also comes with a lot more convenience as the pre-potted plant is shipped to your home or office directly so you can bring it inside without any hassle or extra effort.