How to Grow Money Plant in Water


Growing money plant in water is not only easy but also useful. It brings you luck and the money.

If you live in the city, your interaction with nature is restricted. The only way you can breathe fresh air is by having plants at home. There are numerous indoor plants you can prefer for your surrounding but not all possess air purifying qualities. One of the most common houseplants is a money plant that is easy to grow and care for. You can decorate your house with money plant climbers and hanging pots placed on your porch, living room or hallway section.

According to feng shui, the money plant is a fantastic addition to your home that attracts wealth and prosperity. This is one reason why people always keep money plants in their home gardens, especially in India. A money plant is the best indoor plant option that can be nurtured without much hassle for beginners. You need to keep in mind the essential care tips, and that’s all!   

Money Plant in Water

Money Plant does not need Sunlight.

It is vital to place your money plant in indirect light for maximum hours during the day. Whenever you water the plant, try turning it towards the light to trigger leaf growth. If you know how to grow money plant in water, then there is a different approach that needs to be followed.

Best Watering Cycle for Money Plant

According to gardening experts, if you are growing money plants in soil, it is essential to water the plant at least once a week. Make sure you select well-drained soil for the plant with proper holes at the bottom of the pot. Moreover, to avoid the roots to rot, try preventing any overwatering. Also, the watering cycle for the money plant is different in winters. The plant requires less water during the colder months.

Temperature & Humidity for Money Plant

Growing a money plant is more comfortable when the temperature ranges between 65 and 80 degrees. Moreover, your money plant will require extra humidity that is one essential factor for its good health. During the winter months, you will have to increase the plant’s humidity by adding a humidifier or a pebble tray. Regular misting for young plants is always preferred throughout the year.

Fertilizers for Money Plant

The addition of fertilizer is something you can do during the spring and summertime. The frequency should be once a month for a water-soluble fertilizer for growing new leaf nodes. Always avoid adding any fertilizer during the winter season; allow the plant to grow naturally during this time.

There is another essential care tip for money plants that is associated to their relocation. Resist changing the position of your money plant as it is preferred to rest at a single spot. Make sure the preferred location is close to the window that offers a sufficient amount of sunlight.

How to Grow Money Plant in Water?

The method of growing a money plant in soil is simple and requires necessary steps of plant propagation. But do you know how to grow money plant in water? Many people think it is a difficult task that requires additional effort. But in reality, there is not much of a difference in growing money plants in soil or water. You just need certain important items to carry out the money plant growing process. Some of these items include:

– A vase, jar, or glass bottle

– Water-soluble fertilizer

– Freshwater

Steps Involved on How to Grow Money Plant in Water:

  • The first step is to position the glass jar; make sure it is a transparent one.
  • Add fresh water to the glass jar. If you prefer tap water, make sure it is chlorine-free. Just to be sure, let the water rest for a maximum of 12 hours so that the chlorine evaporates.
  • The inclusion of water-based fertilizer is not mandatory. But if you wish to attain steady growth for your money plant, there is no harm in adding it to the glass jar.
  • The last step is to place the trimmed money plant stem in the glass jar. It is essential to immerse the trimmed end in the freshwater. Do ensure the lower end of the stem does not possess any leaves.

Money plant in water can thrive at a good pace if you keep a good check on its root growth. Any sort of ignorance will cause the money plant to face root development problems, leaf growth, etc.

Is money plant good for home?

Taking care of a money plant can be managed at ease if you know the pointers mentioned above. The step-by-step guide on how to grow money plant in water is beneficial for people who cannot maintain additional space for heavy pot planters. You can always get in touch with local gardeners who can help you grow money plants at home. Also, you can learn about the use of fertilizers and repotting techniques, if required. Make your home garden a wonderful space with the presence of attractive money plants!

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