When you give indoor plants for gifts, they breathe and grow closer to your loved one. Since indoor plant gifts are so special, what better way than some beautiful plants for bringing a smile to their face.

As a souvenir of nature’s raw beauty, bonsai plants radiate greenery and soothing vibes. They also have numerous additional benefits, such as air-purifying properties and beautiful flowering even indoors. This makes bonsai trees suitable as indoor plant gifts with meaning and thought attached to them. In fact, all our plants for gits are a complete package of joy and natural beauty that your loved ones will enjoy inside their homes for many years to come.

Our bonsai plants suitable for indoor plant gift

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Bonsai trees make ideal indoor plant gifts for all

Get the most beautiful and unique indoor plant gifts for all

Bonsai plants pack natural beauty and greenery into a compact form that is suitable for all interior spaces. You can gift your family members or friends a bonsai tree that shows your care for them. The plant will thrive in their home for years to come, representing your constant and maturing love.

No matter which species of indoor bonsai plants, you get the assurance of fast and safe delivery of pre-potted plants to all your loved ones. They will be delighted by this beautiful surprise, and can bring the bonsai plant indoors immediately to enjoy its looks and benefits. The joys of indoor plant gifts truly are close to the heart and last as long as a lifetime.

What makes bonsai trees so enjoyable as indoor plant gifts?

More than just a miniature replica of gigantic trees, you can buy bonsai plants online to bless your home with a pasture of benefits. Moreover, it is easy to maintain most bonsai plants indoors, meaning your loved ones will easily enjoy these indoor plant gifts by keeping them close to their heart.

  • Worry-free maintenace: Bonsai plants are pre-potted and well-trained. In fact, all of the indoor plants for gifts have a small and shrubby structure that will be easy to enjoy and thus easy to cherish for your family members or friends.
  • Suitable for all guifting occasions: Whether you are looking for a meaningful gift for occasions such as Raksha Bandhan, birthdayanniversary, or just want to show your affection and care, there are indoor plant gifts that convey exactly the right and suitable message in your heart.
  • Beautiful and enjoyable appearance: Bonsai plants wear a lovely appearance of dense green foliage that looks highly captivating on the mini branches. Some even bloom with lovely flowers, replicating the beauty of human love and making the indoor spaces more cheerful. By gifting bonsai plants for your loved ones, you will give them an aesthetic treasure to enjoy for several years to come, and not get bored of it. In fact, people tend to start loving their indoor plants for gifts even more with time as they maintain their beautiful houseplant.
  • Gifts of luck and fortune: A number of indoor gifting plants have auspicious and properous vibes. These plants, such as the Money Tree bonsai, are known to be direct bringers of wealth and luck to the home of your loved one when you gift it for their indoor spaces.

Top choice bonsai trees for giving as indoor plant gifts

Perfect for keeping indoors, these bonsai plants grow slowly and gorgeously, requiring the least amount of care and attention. They also stay cheerful for years, even centuries, and symbolize the long-lasting connection you share with your loved ones.

#1 Rubber Tree plant with authentic tropical vibes (Ficus Elastica bonsai)

Rubber Tree bonsai as indoor plant gifts
  1. The plant grows with a beautiful and slender trunk with upright structure. This offers the plant an eye-striking appearance, when combined with the large and leathery leaves of its dense foliage.
  2. To add an interesting element, the leaves of the Rubber Tree bonsai plant seep with a white latex held inside when pricked or pinched.
  3. Since it is compact in size and easy to maintain, your loved one will be easily able to maintain this plant even if they are beginners to bonsai gardening. 
  4. The plant shows your care and thoughts for loved ones, as it has natural air-purifying qualities. It cleanses the air inside the home of toxins such as toluene and formaldehyde that is emitted from paint and other home products. This makes the air more breathable, aiding in the good health of your loved one.

It is a tropical plant, so the Rubber Tree houseplant will bless them with the rich and pleasing aesthetics of natural greenery along with other benefits. Overall, the Rubber Tree or Ficus Elastica bonsai plant is a gorgeous plant to gift for the indoor spaces of your loved ones.

Give the gift of good health to your family or friend: As a bonsai gifting plant, the Rubber Tree is the gift of good health for your friends or family. In fact, the plant has proven and effective air-purifying properties that absorb harmful toxins from the air indoors. Since it is rich in greenery, it will even soothe and relax them in other ways. If you are looking for beautiful indoor plant gifts with a meaning and thought that show affection, then the Ficus Elastica bonsai tree is an ideal plant you can buy online to send to your loved ones.

#2 The stylish and lucky bamboo bonsai plant

Lucky bonsai as indoor plant gifts

The bamboo bonsai plant is a gift of good luck. It is even considered in the ancient science of Feng Shui to attract good vibes, good fortune and good luck to the home, even when given as indoor plant gifts. Thus, the lucky bamboo bonsai will establish happiness in all ways in the home and life of your loved ones.

Bless your loved one with the chic look of this auspicious plant.

  1. Attractive and aesthetic plant: Not only are bamboo bonsai plants small and compact, they have aesthetic value as members of the water lily species. The plant has lacy leaves that droop down, on the shoots that appears like stalks. Whoever you gift it to will have a great time enjoying these modern and elegant looks of this natural plant.
  2. Can be grown in water: It is a great way to surprise your loved by giving them the bamboo plant in glass bonsai pot filled with water. It will thrive inside their home as a living plant growing in water with no caring needed.
  3. Easy to maintain and movable: Your loved ones will need to put little to no efforts in maintaining this plant, and only enjoying its benefits. It has a long and beautiful life with need for minimal attention and care.  
  4. Beautiful stalk arrangements: You can choose from various bamboo plant gift ideas for indoors, with different stalk arrangements. For example, the 3-layered, 5-layered and 7-layered bamboo bonsai plants will bring different types of good luck and wellness to the home and life of your loved one.

#3 Fukien Tea Tree with all-round beauty (Carmona bonsai)

Carmona bonsai as indoor plant gifts

Give the gift of nature’s true beauty: If you are looking for indoor plant gifts with unmatched beauty that is easy to maintain for years to come, then look no more. Not many indoor plants for gifts show such a beautiful appearance like the Carmona flowering bonsai tree, which comes with easy maintenance for the plant.

  1. Enchanting flowers: The plant blooms with tiny white blossoms all year-round. These flowers are snowy in appearance and produces an adorable sight for your loved ones to enjoy inside their home. 
  2. Lush green foliage: Your loved ones are bound to appeciate the shiny and lustrous green canopy of the Carmona bonsai plant. In fact, the leaves even have a freckled texture when looked up close, that add another dimension to how the this indoor gifting plant will be loved by them.
  3. Unique-looking bark: The textured bark of the Carmona plant gives it a unique appearance. This makes the Carmona bonsai plant easy to enjoy as indoor another reason to be exotic indoor plant gifts.

#4 Jade plant bonsai for an all-in-one gift of wealth, beauty and ease of care

Jade bonsai as indoor plant gifts

This is a rare and beautiful succulent plant with an exotic and beautiful appearance that makes it ideal for gifting. This attractive and charming look of the plant is easy to maintain, as the Jade plant bonsai is hard to kill. You can gift it to your friends or family so they can enjoy its natural beauty and greenery without having to worry about tending to their bonsai plant indoors.

Give a gift that brings happiness in multiple ways: With the gift of Jade, you pack multiple forms of joy into one long-lasting and meaningful plant gift that shows your care.

  1. An exotic and rare look to enjoy: Your loved ones are going to be charming by the enchanting succulent looks of the Jade plant bonsai.
  2. A gift that brings along wealth: Jade is considered auspicious, and your loved one will be blessed with vibes of prosperity and wealth with this special indoor plant gift.
  3. Purifies the air: Your loved ones with feel the soothing and relaxing vibes of your gift as the plant will cleanse and purify the air for them indoors.
  4. Worry-free plant care: Since the Jade plant bonsai is hard to kill, your loved ones can instead focus on enjoying the beauty and other joys of this special and meainingful gift. They can easily enjoy the benefits and joys of their Jade plant bonsai gift for several years to come without any hassle.

#5 Money Tree with vibes of prosperity (Pachira bonsai)

Money Tree bonsai as indoor plant gifts

The Money Tree or Pachira bonsai tree is a magnet for money. You can gift it for the indoor spaces of your friends or family. Even if they keep it in the most vacant corners of their home, your loved ones will truly appreciate this indoor gifting plant that attracts wealth and fortune to their home.

The plant also has a stylish appearance with great and unmatched natural aesthetics. Since the natural beauty of the Money Tree is easy to maintain and without any hassle, it is a popular choice for indoor plants for gifts that can be given to all and loved by all.

The plant is evergreen, so you can rest assured that its natural beauty and greenery will last inside the home of your loved one throughout the year. Moreover, the beautiful and prosperous aspects of the Money Tree bonsai plant are easy to maintain. This is because your friends or family will not have to put a lot of effort into caring for the plant for it to thrive inside their home.

Give this beautiful gift for the prosperity of your friends or family

  1. The plants bears popular symbolism in Feng Shui. This makes it suitable for several indoor plant gift ideas that bring happiness and abundance into the home and life of those who hold a special place in your heart.
  2. The Money tree bonsai is beloved ornamental plant. In fact, it has a straight and upright arrangement that is for uplifting the visuals of your loved ones’ home.
  3. The plant also bears natural air-purifying qualities. Therefore, it reduces the effects of harmful toxins from the air present in household paints and other products. You can gift it to your friends and family to give them the gift of healthier living inside their home.

Create long-lasting bonds with indoor plants for gifts

Unique and thoughtful indoor plant gift ideas are one of the latest trends. And people understand the value of giving indoor plant gifts. After all, the bonsai tree comes with great natural and aesthetic value. It will have numerous benefits, that your friend or family member will love and enjoy for many years to come.

Indoor plant gifts truly represent a solid and deep bond with your loved one. This bond and love only grow and mature with time, just like the beauty and benefits of their beloved bonsai tree.

Frequently Asked Questions about indoor plant gifts

What are the best indoor plants for gifts?

Small and compact indoor bonsai plants such as Jade, Money Tree, Rubber Tree and the Carmona flowering bonsai tree are the most suitable for giving as indoor plant gifts. These plants will bring many joys to your loved ones, such as natural beauty, soothing vibes and prosperity. Moreover, they won’t even need much maintenance.

What are some unique indoor plant gift ideas?

You can gift your indoor bonsai plants for gifts in several unique and meaningful ways. For example, the lucky bamboo bonsai can be gifted in a glass pot filled with water. These gifts are stylish and unique and bring good luck and fortune to your loved ones if you gift them.

What are the benefits of giving indoor plant gifts?

Indoor plant gifts have several benefits, other than the natural beauty of dense foliage and flowers. These plants often bring soothing and peaceful vibes, good luck and fortune to your loved ones, when given as an indoor plant gift. Additionally, they are easy to maintain, which means their benefits are even easier to enjoy for your friends or family.

What does it signify to give indoor plants for gifts?

Giving indoor plants for gifts to loved ones shows a love of care and love. It means that you want your loved one to live happier and healthier, through various benefits of their bonsai tree indoors. The plant will also symbolize and represent your love for, that grows in beauty and maturity with time.

What are the indoor plant gifts suitable for giving to family?

The Money Tree, Rubber Tree and Bamboo plant bonsai are some of the best plant gifts ideas for family members. These plants symbolize wellness and growth for the life and home of your family member, as a sign of gratitude and care for them.

What are the suitable indoor plant gifts for friends?

The stylish and lucky bamboo bonsai, Carmona flowering bonsai and Jade plant bonsai are some of the most popular options for gifting to friends you love and care for. These are beautiful and attractive indoor bonsai plants that symbolize love, care and charm for your friends.