It took us 11 years to perfect our method of plant online delivery. You can order the plants online freely without worrying about the delivery.

Bonsai trees for a plant online delivery

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Bonsai plants are not just miniature and pre-potted trees, they are artistic pieces of natural art using ancient techniques native to China and Japan. But you can buy bonsai plants online for your home or even as plants for gifts to loved ones. The plant will bring a multitude of benefits to enjoy, such as natural aesthetics, prosperity and sacred values. In fact, there are several types of bonsai plants for sale in India, and we will deliver the healthy and long-lasting bonsai tree of your choice with the assurance of fast and safe plant online delivery.

Enjoy nature with home delivery of bonsai plants

Get a fast and safe plant online delivery across India
Online Plant Delivery

Whether you buy bonsai plants online for yourself or for your loved ones, the joys of nature are brought directly to you. You will save on all hassles related to transporting your bonsai tree home. But at the same time, you will also be able to choose from the widest variety and get the best bonsai price for your suitable and ideal houseplant.

Your plant will be delivered to your doorstep, after undergoing proper packaging. This ensures that no matter what bonsai tree you choose online, that exact plant is delivered to you or your loved one along with complete care instructions. Since it is pre-potted, the plant can be brought into the indoor and spaces of the home for enjoying it immediately.

Why is plant online delivery such a great idea?

If you are looking for bonsai trees to decorate your home or enjoy their soothing and pleasing vibes, then you can buy bonsai plants online for bringing a variety of benefits and convenience.

  1. You can choose from a wider range or varieties of bonsai trees online, in contrast to the limited options available at your local nursery.
  2. It is cheaper to buy bonsai plants onlines than from local nurseries. This is because you can analyze and compare prices easily, and get the most suitable bonsai tree for your home at the best price.
  3. You will save both money and energy in traveling and transporting a heavy and pre-potted plant home. Moreover, the risk of damaging it along the way is eliminated, as your plant online delivery will be fast and safe, after good-quality packaging.
  4. You can make a thoughtful and lovely gesture and buy bonsai plants online for gifting to both family or friends. Just choose and buy the suitable gift that shows love and care, and get it delivered at their doorstep as a bundle of joy, beauty and harmony.
  5. Service does not end when your plant online delivery is completed. Our bonsai experts will be available for all queries if you need need assistance in maintaining the bonsai plant you buy.
  6. Your plant will be delivered safely in the fastest possible duration. While the exact time required will depend on other factors such as your location, it is easily possible to procure even the best or rarest bonsai trees for sale in India at your home within 2-3 days.

How does a plant online delivery work?

Any bonsai plant that you love and wish to own, can be ordered and brought through an online plant nursery. From gorgeous and flowering bonsai trees to sacred houseplants such as the Peepal Tree bonsai, the list is truly endless. You will be able through all of the bonsai trees for sale in India in our collection, and get the plant of your choice delivered to your home.

Getting an online delivery for your bonsai tree ensures the best health of your new houseplant, as the plant has been well-trained by bonsai experts for several years before being shipped to your home. This ensures that your bonsai tree will offer the best natural aesthetics in your home with minimum care required and for several years to come. Whether the plant is for yourself or you are sending it to your friends or family through an online plant delivery, we will deliver it with all the love and care.

Larger bonsai trees that are not of hardy nature can be tacky and difficult to bring home from your local plant nursery. But a plant online delivery will tackle all of these challenges in transportation to bring your plant safely to you and with the best packaging and care. This reduces the effort on your part, so that you can focus on enjoying the beauty and benefits of your bonsai plant indoors or outdoors.

Choosing the right plant online delivery

When you are getting a plant online delivery, you can choose from all types of bonsai trees for sale in India. In fact, you can beautify your home with even the most exotic or rarest of bonsai trees, and enjoy their benefits in unique ways.

#1- Ficus bonsai tree

Ficus Plant Online Delivery
S Shape Ficus Bonsai Plant in Ceramic Pot

If you are a beginner to bonsai-growing, the Ficus is a great choice. These plants have a robust and highly tolerant compact structure with a beautiful dark green canopy that you can enjoy indoors. A number of Ficus Tree bonsai varieties also develop aerial roots easily with minimal additional care. This is useful for giving the plant a unique and attractive appearance through the bulbous or “pot-bellied” roots.

Not only will the plant’s bright-green foliage enliven your indoors, it also spreads positive and enlightening vibes throughout your home. In fact, many of the Ficus Tree bonsai varieties such as the Peepal Tree or Banyan Tree are highly sought-after as spiritual plants in India.

  • Placement: Bright, well-lit indoors
  • Maintenance: Tolerant and beginner-friendly plants that require only basic maintenance
  • Significance as a houseplant: Spiritual plant with sacred values
  • Price range: ₹ 700 – 5000

#2 Pachira- bonsai tree (Money Tree)

Pachira Plant Bonsai
Pachira or Money plant

As one of the authentic Feng Shui plants, the Pachira or Money Tree bonsai is a rare plant. This is because it has leaves that uniquely appear in sets of 5 in a natural way. This leaf arrangement represents the five elements of Feng Shui. Therefore, the Money Tree plant will bring wealth and abundance to your home in all ways of life.

You can buy this plant in variants with single upright and braided trunks. As a hardy and compact plant online delivery is highly suitable for the Pachira bonsai tree. Buy this easy-to-maintain plant directly from your home to enjoy its rich aesthetics and benefits for you and your home. You can adorn even the most vacant corners of your home with the beauty and auspicious values of the Money Tree bonsai.

  • Placement: Well-lit indoors
  • Maintenance: Grows perfectly with bright to medium indirect sunlight and daily watering
  • Significance as a houseplant: Plant of prosperity
  • Price range: ₹ 700 – 1200

#3- Boxwood bonsai tree

Boxwood plant online delivery
Boxwood Bonsai Tree

The plant grows in a compact shrubby structure with a thick and textured trunk and bushy foliage. Therefore, it has an exotic look that you can maintain easily as a low-maintenance plant. After your plant online delivery of the Boxwood bonsai, you will only have to follow regular watering and simple pruning for the plant to thrive beautifully in your home for a long time.

The plant’s sturdy and robust build is beautified by a dense canopy created by small tinted leaves. When you get the Boxwood bonsai plant online, you can keep it not only indoors but also in your shaded porch or balcony areas.

  • Placement: Bright indoors and shaded outdoors such as porch
  • Maintenance: Thrives effortlessly with regular watering and pruning
  • Significance as a houseplant: Compact, shrubby and beautiful
  • Price range: ₹ 1200 – 1800

#4- Jade Plant Bonsai

Fast and safe Jade plant online delivery
Jade Plant Bonsai

With the Jade plant bonsai, you get great ornamental value in a unique and succulent houseplant. It is a beginner-friendly houseplant that you can easily take care of even with no prior experience of gardening.

Besides encapsulating charm and beauty in its structure, the Jade plant bonsai brings good luck to your home, especially in monetary ways. In fact, its fleshy coin-sized leaves are popular symbols of wealth and plenty that also make the plant more adorable and ornamental. 

  • Placement: Well-lit indoors
  • Maintenance: Beginner-friendly and hard-to-kill
  • Significance as a houseplant: Unique succulent appearance, bringer of prosperity
  • Price range: ₹ 600 – 1500

#5- Adenium bonsai tree

Fast and safe Adenium bonsai plant online delivery
Adenium Bonsa Plant

You might know the Adenium flowering bonsai more popularly as the Desert Rose bonsai tree. This plant will blossom with beautiful flowers of pink color that appear throughout the year in your home. In fact, the Adenium flower bonsai tree a great and colorful addition to your home. Since it is a hardy and succulent plant, you will not have to worry much about plant care or seasonal variations.

The plant has an attractive and unique bulbous base that actually works as a reservoir of water. This will keep your Adenium flower bonsai even when you forget to water the plant for a while. Even then, it will continue to produce long-lasting and beautiful flowers for an enchanting appearance in your home. 

  • Placement: Outdoors and porch, balconies
  • Maintenance: Beginner-friendly and easily maintained
  • Significance as a houseplant: Succulent plant with gorgeous and colorful flowers
  • Price range: ₹ 150 – 2000

Get exotic and rare bonsai trees delivered to your doorstep

The fact alone that you can enjoy the gorgeous appearance of nature’s most beautiful trees in miniature form is amazing. But opting for a plant online delivery will only bring these natural aesthetics and benefits to your doorstep with more ease. You can also buy various plants for gifts from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your friends or family members at their home as a pleasant and pre-potted surprise. Choose from a range of different types of bonsai plants online, to enjoy a healthy and beautiful houseplant in the most joyful manner.