Plants for gifts make awesome eco-friendly gifts that make long-lasting memories. Choose from the wise range of plants for gifting here and spread the smile everyday.

Nature is the most joyful and abundant source of beauty, and you can gift this to your loved ones as a pre-potted bonsai plant. In fact, giving these plants for gifts is a meaningful and thoughtful gesture of love and care, thanks to the various positive and symbolic values associated with them.

Find all types of bonsai plants for gifts

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Choose from a variety of plants for gifts to loved ones

Buy pre-potted bonsai plants for gifts to loved ones

Bonsai plants are well-trained and acclimatized to growing conditions indoors. In fact, when you buy bonsai plants online, you ensure that it has been trained with the best techniques so that you or your loved one can enjoy its aesthetics and various other benefits such as flowers, aroma or spiritual values with the least amount of care possibly required.

What do you show by giving plant gifts?

The technique of growing bonsai trees originated in Japan. It has deep connotations with the cultural and spiritual values native to local culture, thus giving the plant a soothing and peaceful vibe for your home.

  1. Giving bonsai plants for gifts is considered to be a thoughtful gesture, as it symbolizes a long-lived relationship with your loved one in the form of a long-lasting plant. In fact, some bonsai trees have been known to last indoors for decades or even hundreds of years.
  2. By gifting bonsai plants of evergreen origin, you can show how permanent and constant your loved ones are in your life. This is because evergreen bonsai plants will flourish with greenery and beautiful appearances throughout the year in the home of your loved one.
  3. You will encourage your loved ones to get our of their daily monotonous routinues and experience new ways of nature, love and an active lifestyle.
  4. A number of bonsai trees oftwen have air-purifying properties. Therefore, by gifting a bonsai tree you are giving your loved ones the gift of clean air, as it will remove toxins and pollutants such as toluene from the air, making it healthier and more breathable.
  5. Flowering bonsai trees have an added aesthetic value because of the beautiful blossoms they bear with ease every year. The plants are easy to make bloom, and will thus beautify the life and home of your loved one with some of the most stunning aesthetics.
  6. Some bonsai plants are considered to bring good luck to the owner. Therefore, by gifting plants such as the Money Tree bonsai or the Jade plant bonsai, you are actually giving the gift of prosperity and good luck to your loved ones.

How to give plants for gifts

You can buy these potted plants for gifts suitable for all occasions. No matter whether you wish to celebrate a grand occasion like a birthday, special occasions such as Rakshabandhan or moving into a new household, or just want to show your love and appreciation for your friend or family member, gifting bonsai trees is always a thoughtful, beautiful and long-lasting option.

Build traditions that last as long as nature

Give joy and abundance through bonsai plants for gifts

Your plants for gifts symbolize love on a special day such as an anniversary or a religious occasion such as Raksha Bandhan. But it will be easy for your loved ones to start loving and enjoying bonsai trees really fast. Your loved ones are going to have a truly mesmerizing and engaging time taking care of this lovely gift from you. In this manner, you are not only gifting them a beautiful bonsai tree for their home but also giving them the joy of a new hobby.

With all basic care guidelines followed, your gifting plant will last in your loved one’s home for an entire lifetime. It will grow with them in wisdom, looks and love, and offer them natural health benefits besides being a lovely reminder to them of your constant and ever-growing love for them.

Green gifts suitable for people of all ages

Because of their diverse values and benefits, bonsai plants are suitable gifts for people of all ages. To the older people, these plants symbolize maturity, strength and wisdom encapsulated into a beautiful houseplant. On the other hand, when you gift a young child a bonsai tree, he can maintain it easily and watch it grow in a healthy manner as a reflection of his own growing maturity.

While you can buy any of the bonsai plants online as a gift for your loved one, certain plants have meaningful and rich values associated with them. This makes them particularly ideal for gifting on such occasions. Following are a few examples of plants for gifting to your family and friends on various occasions. All of the gifting plants require minimal care and maintenance, making them easy to love and enjoy as gifts.

Plant gift nameMeaning as a gifting plant
Money TreeGift of prosperity and good luck
Carmona bonsaiReturn gifts, birthday gifts, special occasions
Ficus bonsaiExotic looks, spiritual values, religious gifting such as Rakshabandhan
Bougainvillea bonsaiGorgeous and colorful gift for special occasions such as parties, return gifts
Phoenix Palm Tree (Date Palm Tree)Awei-inspiring fountain-like appearance in indoor spaces
Jade plant bonsaiGift of prosperity, that is also beautiful and beginner-friendly

Find unique plant gift ideas online

The is no shortage of unique plant gift ideas when you buy bonsai trees online. From bamboo plants that grow naturally and thrive in only water to overhanging plants hung from the ceiling for the best visual impact, you can find the most special and the most meaningful green gifts for your friends and family. But there are even more advantages of buying bonsai plants for gifts online.

Why should you buy your green gifts online?

When you buy bonsai plants online, you not only enjoy the healthiest and most aesthetic plants for gifts but also find many more ways that add to the gift value of our bonsai tree

  • Your plant will be delivered to the home of your friend or family member after beautifully and artistically done gift packing. You just need to inform us to is for gift purposes. We will also assist you in adding any other meaningful messages or accessories to goalong.
  • The plant will be delivered at the doorstep completely pre-potted and ready to bring indoors or into their lawns or garden as per the placement criteria of the plant you buy. In this way, it will truly be a delightful surprise for them.
  • We will deliver the best-looking plant that has been trained so as to require the minimlum amount of bonsai tree care and maintenance. We understand the value of a gift and pass it o in the form of a beautiful bonsai tree.
  • The care guide instructions of ryour bonsai plant gift will be sent along with the plant in the product packages. So your loved ones will have no problems in taking care of the plant in a simple manner.
  • Our expert-grown bonsai plants for sale are healthy and produce beautiful and aesthetic elements such as aerial roots, flowers, etc. with the least amount of extra effort or work required. This is beacuse they have been grown and trained in the best suitable conditions so they won’t ask for much effort from your loved one.

Send plants for gifts from the comfort of your home

Send meaningful and long-lasting plants for gifts

No matter what purpose of gifting you require it for, you can find and buy bonsai plants online that match your requirements. This way you can ensure that your bonsai gift is a special and thoughtful gift that symbolizes the purposes of gifting and who you are gifting it to. Moreover, by buying these plants from online bonsai nurseries, you can get these special gifts hand-delivered with care to the doorstep of your loved one.