Straight Layer Bamboo Bonsai


Bring fortune and good luck home with this beautiful and living bamboo bonsai tree that is easy to maintain.

  • Beautiful Feng Shui plant that comes in an attractive matching pot.
  • Resilient and hardy bonsai tree, fit for beginners.
  • Easily reaches up to 2 to 3 feet in height with simple and minimal care.
  • Useful for bringing peaceful and prosperous vibes indoors.


This lucky bamboo bonsai is a rare and exclusive Feng Shui tree. It is a hardy plant that will stay at an ideal height that is easy to care for. The plant will offer its wonderful visuals that can immediately transform your interiors and mini-gardens into the exotic evergreen forests of the Far East. The plant has elegant-looking bright green lacy leaves that turn red during autumn and produces white flowers in clusters that resemble the captivating beauty of the Japanese gardens. It comes in a beautiful and matching pot and supplied with simplified care instructions for your ease and convenience.

Know your straight layer bamboo bonsai

Sunlight for bonsai plants


Bright to semi-shaded indoor/outdoor spaces

Watering bonsai plants


Once per day

Pruning bonsai plants


Throughout the year

Repotting bonsai plants


Every 2 year,s During spring

Feertilizer for bonsai plants


Organic fertilizer, From early spring to late fall

Elegant and lucky straight layer bamboo bonsai

The bamboo bonsai as a popular Feng Shui houseplant

This lovely Bamboo bonsai tree is a significant Feng Shui plant that brings good luck to your home. It is an evergreen shrub that looks brought right from the landscapes of the Himalayas and Japan. This plant is sturdy and tolerant of hardy Indian weather conditions that make it relatively easy to maintain and is highly recommended for beginners.

Elegant and lucky straight layer bamboo bonsai

Get the beautiful bamboo bonsai for peace and prosperityindoors

An iconic symbol of peace, prosperity, and good luck, this evergreen bamboo bonsai embodies all the marvelous features for an outdoor bonsai plant.  While its enchanting looks make it ideal for decoration and gifting both, the plant also has auspicious and positive vibes that spread all around.

The plant has long grass-like leaves of bright green color. These leaves change their color to red during autumn, thus creating a pleasing and positive visual for the eyes. The tree also produces small, white flowers in clusters during spring, which is followed by berries that unleash the full cheerful and soothing vibes of the lucky bamboo bonsai throughout your premises.

Caring for your straight layer bamboo bonsai
Care guide for straight layer bamboo bonsai

Care instructions for your straight layer bamboo bonsai

The lucky bamboo bonsai tree needs simple but regular care to radiate its positivity, prosperity and charm in your home all year round.

  • Placement: The bamboo bonsai tree needs to be kept under the full bright sun. You can keep this plant in your backyard, garden, or porch where it will get the required amount of light and airflow. 
  • Watering: The bamboo bonsai is a thirsty tree and you’ll need to water it daily throughout the growing season. But, do avoid overwatering and waterlogging.
  • Pruning: Pruning is very important for this plant as it grows at a faster rate and requires to be trimmed regularly all year round. 
  • Repotting: Once a year during spring.

What do our customers have to say?

Bonsai Plants or any plant for that matter, BPO team does great work in design, health of the plants and post-sale service. I’ve been enjoying the association for my last 12 bonsai plants. 🙂

Meera Sharma
Meera – Bglr.

Impeccable packaging and delivery. I was surprised for the first time, and fall in love with their mastery in packing the plant and delivering it safe to my home. Interesting. Thank you.

Nirmal S.
Nirmal, Meerut

True Gardening assistance. I got healthy plant and help whenever I needed through the dedicated WhatsApp channel. Not only the bonsai but also for the normal plants that you buy.

Swathi, Chennai

Frequently Asked Questions by customers

Does this Bamboo bonsai tree bring good luck?

Yes, this is a famous Feng Shui plant that is considered highly auspicious in Chinese and Japanese culture. The plant attracts positivity and good luck and is used to grow in offices and homes for its aesthetic looks and optimistic vibes. 

Is it a flowering plant?

Yes, this lovely bonsai of yours bears tiny white flowers in clusters that drape the plant in its captivating charm and make your garden even more lively.

Are the berries on this Bamboo bonsai edible?

No, the berries on this bamboo bonsai are not suggested to be eaten as they can be harmful for health. However, these berries that grow of green color in autumn and turn red with time find a high value for home decor purposes.

How should I take care of my Bamboo bonsai tree?

Taking care of your Bamboo will not be difficult at all. As it is a hardy and strong tree, it is quite easy to maintain, and with just a simple set of caring instructions provided with the product package, even those who are new to the concept of bonsai will be perfectly able to take care of this bonsai tree.

What kind of fertilizer is good for my Bamboo bonsai tree?

Feed the plant with any organic and balanced fertilizer. This fertilization should be done during the growing seasons, i.e., from early spring to late fall. 

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Straight Layer Bamboo Bonsai