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My belief in purchasing plants online got re-instilled by these guys at Bonsai Plants Online by Abana Homes. Excellent Packaging, healthy plant and GREAT After Sale Support – Dr. Nisha Menon, Mumbai.


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Bonsai Plants are are easy to grow and care. You can choose from the list of bonsai plants online below and you’ll get complete support in taking care of it. Just to get an idea, you’ll need to take care of three things. Location – Keep the bonsai in sheds, Watering – Usually water your bonsai tree daily, and Fertilizer – feed the bonsai plant once in month at least.

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With more than 11 years of experience in growing, importing and distributing the bonsai plants, we know every nerve of the bonsai tree. We’re not just any seller online, we take pride in offering our experience and expertise to help our customers in growing the bonsai tree.

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We’ve committed our lives to bonsai tree & culture. We not only sell the bonsai tree, we help you own the bonsai tree.

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We know that selecting a bonsai tree is difficult task for the beginners. Here is a small effort to help you choose the right bonsai tree. If you still get any question, please feel free to reach us out on chat or the whatsapp. Also, you should not be worried about the care and post sales help. We’ve a dedicated support team to help you in taking care of the bonsai tree.

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