How to Grow Money Plant in Water


Growing money plant in water is not only easy but also useful. It brings you luck and the money. If you live in the city, your interaction with nature is restricted. The only way you can breathe fresh air is by having plants at home. There are numerous indoor plants you can prefer for your … Read more

Bonsai Care

bonsai care

Since ancient times, the act of nurturing a Bonsai Tree is an art followed in the Chinese and Japanese culture. The maintenance and care of these dwarf trees are somewhere similar to their native or full-grown tree versions. The difference is that bonsai trees can be conveniently placed in a container and positioned on a … Read more

Top 10 Bonsai Tree for Sale

Juniper bonsai Tree

You can now keep a wide variety of bonsai trees in your home garden. This aspect has motivated people to buy these majestic plants in abundance. You currently have the leverage to purchase your favorite bonsai tree for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Reach out to your nearby nursery or online plant provider to check … Read more

Top 5 Indoor Bonsai Plants

Indoor Bonsai tree

The trend to keep bonsai trees at home has grown extensive, especially across the urban regions. These pretty plants are now seen as an impressive component for enhancing the home décor. The availability of indoor bonsai plants belonging to different species has motivated people to start with home gardening. It is essential to gather useful … Read more

Top 5 Bonsai Plants For Your Home

bonsai tree image

For people living in urban areas, the want for greenery is receiving higher traction. The popularity of home gardens has encouraged people to buy attractive plants and bonsais as part of the home décor. You can visit any local nursery to select beautiful houseplants that can be easily managed indoors and outdoors. These days, the … Read more