Spider Plant in Distress? How to Identify and Fix an Overwatered Plant

how to identify overwatered spider plant

As a seasoned plant parent, I’ve learned the hard way that overwatering is one of the biggest threats to our beloved spider plants. These hardy plants can thrive in a variety of conditions, but too much water can spell disaster. In this post, I want to share my knowledge and experience to help you save […]

60 Indoor Plants Names In India That Are Easy To Grow

indoor plants in india

In search of easy-to-grow indoor plants in India? If so, you have landed on the right page. Indoor plants in India are widely available, but snake plants, aloe vera, spider plants, money plants, etc., are popular because they require little care. In this article, you will find 60 indoor plants suitable for Indian weather. Moreover, […]

10 Best Nasa Approved Air Purifying Plants to Reduce Air Pollution

air purifying plants

There is a possibility that you are living in a sick house without knowing it. This is because we have three to five times more pollutants indoors than outside.  A lot of things you use on a daily basis can cause headaches, allergies, breathing problems, and sore throats, like xylene (in paint and lacquers), benzene […]

Bonsai Ficus Benjamina: How To Grow And Care


Are you also fascinated by the aerial roots of bonsai ficus Benjamina? It is recognized not only due to its physical features but also its low maintenance.  Being an ideal pick for both new and experienced plant parents, it wins over everyone. Look no further if you plan on growing a Benjamina ficus bonsai tree.  […]

Bonsai Lemon Tree: How to Grow and Care


Bonsai, by definition, is an ancient Japanese plant art technique that takes normal tree seedlings and turns them into miniature art pieces of nature. The growing of a bonsai is a work of art and is only achieved by constantly bending, holding down, and cutting the branches.  In this art of growing miniatures, lemon may […]